Video + List: Equity-free Funding For Your Business Idea

In this video, I share info on how to get equity-free seed funding for your business idea or startup. I also share a list of accelerators around the world to help you get started on your journey.



List of Equity-free Accelerators Around The World

Ready to take a bold step into the tech industry? Need funds, mentorship, visibility, partnership and/or support? Here’s a list you should save.

I’m constantly updating this list, so check back often. You can also leave a comment if you know any others we’ve missed.

  1. Y Combinator Fellowship
  2. 500 Startups Seed Program
  3. Telnet Kickstart by Idealabs
  4. Startup Chile Seed Accelerator
  5. Extreme Accelerator, Canada
  6. French Tech Visa
  7. French Tech Ticket
  8. Lighthouse Labs
  9. Parallel 18
  10. TechFounders
  11. Arch Grants
  12. Lisbon Challenge
  13. Kickstart Accelerator
  14. You Is Now
  15. Fit 4 Start
  16. 43North
  17. SpinLab
  18. Grand Central Tech
  19. Income Future Starter
  20. Design Terminal
  21. Merck Accelerator, Nairobi
  22. Merck Accelerator, Darmstadt
  23. Idea space
  24. Vertical – The Health Accelerator
  25. OP Smart Health Challenge
  26. Digital Solutions Accelerator
  27. Google Launchpad Accelerator
  28. Impact Growth Accelerator
  29. AstraZeneca Health and Science Innovation Challenge
  30. Climate-KIC Switzerland
  31. K-Startup Grand Challenge
  32. StartupExperience.CA
  33. Startup Sauna
  34. Base Launch
  35. Ignite Pre-Accelerators
  36. Booster
  37. The S Factory Pre-Accelerator
  38. TAG.PASS
  39. INiTS – Innovation into Business
  40. Digital Switzerland – Kickstart Accelerator
  41. Collective Global Accelerator

These are Africa-focused:

  1. Meltwater Incubator
  2. TechStars
  3. 88 Mph
  4. She Leads Africa Accelerator
  5. Savannah Fund Accelerator
  6. Africa Startup Ecosystem
  7. Founder Institute
  8. Global Innovation Accelerator
  9. XL Africa Accelerator
  10. Y Her Accelerator
  11. Barclays Accelerator
  12. GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator
  13. Lionesses of Africa Accelerator
  14. InnoHub Ghana
  15. Innovate for Life Fund
About the author
Kelechi is an Accra-based Nigerian tech entrepreneur and freelance communications consultant. She works with brands and thought leaders on content creation, management and communications, and helps newbie freelancers get a foot in the global gig economy.

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