Kelechi Udoagwu


I work with businesses to communicate value, engage audiences, and manage crises through effective business communications and strategic content management. I also work privately with founders looking to build industry leadership and strengthen their personal brand presence. When not working, I coach and manage a closed network of remote writers via Week of Saturdays.

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I work with founders and businesses to convert sector-knowledge and experience into thought leadership content, strong digital strategy, and positive brand reputation that aligns with primary goals. Need this? Book a session with me.

I help freelancers and independent workers understand the gig/talent economy landscape, create new profiles, get their first clients, and set them off to freelance success. You can book a session with me.

Stemming from my love of independence, purpose and balance, I create workshops and coaching sessions to guide you to maximize your skills and opportunities to increase income. Book a session with me.

Whether building on WordPress, setting up on Shopify, or overhauling old websites and CMS, I can help you make the most of most accessible technology to achieve your goal and get your business up and running.

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