My hope for you is that you find meaning, harness your uniqueness, communicate clearly, and create a life and brand you love.

Kelechi Udoagwu

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Hello there!

I am a freelance communications consultant, business problem solver and author-in-progress.

In the last four years, I have worked at a technology education non-profit in Ghana, founded a startup in Chile, and freelanced/consulted for clients in five continents, most of whom I’ve never met. More on my career and working together herehere and here.

I’m an advocate for the freelance and gig economy because it gives young adults the opportunity to work flexibly and afford a lifestyle they would not have been able to otherwise.

I work with individuals, businesses, and brands to develop and execute communication strategies including multimedia content creation and PR across sub-Saharan Africa.

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Unearthing potential in people and brands


Corporate Communications & Content Management

I help brands and orgs convey their values, goals and products expertly. From digital brand management to copywriting and PR, all needs are covered.

Freelance Tutoring & Digital Skills Training

I train professionals interested in the freelance/gig economy space to hone their skills, build digital portfolios and get remote jobs based in countries across the world.

Public Brand Optimization

I guide thought leaders and transitioning professionals as they navigate the fast-evolving work space. I help them update professional profiles, articulate new goals, and reasons for their move with confidence.

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Some of them are

The Gas Consortium
  • Kelechi is a skilled manager and writer with good business sense to know what and how to prioritize. You can always trust her to be on top of things. She’s creative, incredibly self-aware, and beams positivity.
  • I was stuck in a rut, trying to decide what direction to take my career, so I called Kelechi for advice on the intricacies of freelance writing. Let's just say things were a lot clearer for me by the end of the conversation.


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