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Kelechi Udoagwu

Hi there!

Welcome to my online home.

I am a skilled editor and communications consultant. I am also a tech, freelance and youth empowerment advocate + recently certified frontend developer 🙂

I believe continuous learning, practice and self-development drastically increase earning potential, and that conventional career paths and 9-5 jobs are trends of the past. Quote me!

It’s my goal to inspire young adults to carve previously impossible career paths by building unique talent stacks and leveraging technology. 

In the last 4+ years, I have worked with clients in five continents, led Communications at pan-African startup incubator – MEST and launched a 100% remote content writing business in Chile. 

Now, I create multimedia content and work with thought leaders and organisations to achieve specific business goals. I also work with small businesses and newbie freelancers to build credible brands that can attract recurring income.

Have a brand you’ll like to build or other inquiries within my interests? Let’s talk and get to work!

Some clients I've worked with

  • Kelechi is a skilled manager and writer with good business sense to know what and how to prioritize. You can always trust her to be on top of things. She’s creative, incredibly self-aware, and beams positivity.
  • I was stuck in a rut, trying to decide what direction to take my career, so I called Kelechi for advice on the intricacies of freelance writing. Let's just say things were a lot clearer for me by the end of the conversation.

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