Kelechi Udoagwu


In the last six years, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, startups, and non-profits to engage audiences, build reputations, and communicate commercial value in clear and concise writing.

I work within and manage remote content and communications teams to:

  • produce high-ranking web content
  • streamline the content creation process from start to finish
  • tie in the organization’s goals to relevant trends

When I’m not working with current clients, I run and create digital resources at Week of Saturdays.

Let's work together

I work with founders and businesses to convert sector-knowledge and experience into thought leadership content, strong digital strategy, and positive brand reputation that aligns with primary goals. Need this? Book a session with me.

I help freelancers and independent workers understand the gig/talent economy landscape, create new profiles, get their first clients, and set them off to freelance success. You can book a session with me.

Stemming from my love of independence, purpose and balance, I create workshops and coaching sessions to guide you to maximize your skills and opportunities to increase income. Book a session with me.

Whether building on WordPress, setting up on Shopify, or overhauling old websites and CMS, I can help you make the most of most accessible technology to achieve your goal and get your business up and running.

A few clients

What they say

Kelechi and her team have managed my personal communications since 2017 till date. She's intent, nimble and results-driven.
Edmund Olotu
Founder, TechAdvance
Kelechi is the type of communications professional who dives in head first and becomes vested in your project as if it were her own.
Mesha Larbi
Founder, Akan Tree
Kelechi is bright, energetic, and a lot of fun to work with. Good suggestions, high quality content - looking forward to working with her again!
Everrett McCoy
Founder, MACRIM

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