Two Fulfilling Events in One Weekend!

Two speaking engagements in one weekend! I really am growing and sticking with my resolutions – doing good that benefits more people.

At the beginning of this year, my mantra was “do the work and fall in love with the work.” And five months down the line, I’m still on it.

Last weekend, I found myself with two workshops to facilitate over the weekend and felt quite excited about it.

First was with my YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) team. As part of our community service project, we spoke to Junior High students in the University of Ghana Basic School about Getting ahead in their academics using the internet and social media.

It was a successful session divvied up in one short hour – an introduction to YALI, a keynote speech and break-out sessions where we answered the students’ questions up close.


The day went by fast and at the end, I felt truly happy. The kind of happiness that comes from doing something that matters for other people.

Next event was a female entrepreneur conference put together by Challenges Worldwide. Challenges Worldwide creates opportunities by educating and supporting young entrepreneurs and SMEs around the world.

With them, I facilitated a 1-hour workshop on personal branding and digital marketing.

It was a successful session with most of the participants engaged and asking relevant questions about the psychology behind digital marketing and the how-tos of personal branding.

I found it interesting that the audience from the previous day (about 12-16 years old) had similar questions with this day’s audience of 19-28 years old.

The most frequently asked questions from both audiences revolved around:

  • How do I use what I have now to get to where I want to be?
  • What’s important knowledge and what is not?
  • What are short-cuts to success?
  • Will you mentor me through my academic or professional career?


I think at all ages, this is what we seek – to know ourselves better, find a guide who’s been through what we admire, to walk with them to become the best us.

The conference featured speakers including Dr. Charles Buckman, an expert and activist for effective parenting, and Dr. Esi Ansah, a senior lecturer at Ashesi University.

In my breakout session, there were 25 participants. My favorite question was from a lady with a good-to-have problem . She had just been promoted to a leadership role, and was stuck on how to handle her social media accounts and presence.

Could she still be herself, LOLing at silly jokes like she’s always done or should she become more professional, more leader-like, more serious?

I wonder if you know what my answer to her was…. :). Shoot me an email via the contact page if you do!


By sharing my own story, I advised her to let go of the past and move into the new season in her life and career. I used to be Kay_Bellybutton on Twitter and other platforms but as I started growing in my career and deliberately building my brand (reputation), I dropped the kay_bellybutton to become kelechiudoagwu; so a better, new, focused woman could emerge.

My thinking is we all have no idea what our future could lead up to, but we’ve been through our past. We sometimes delay what is to come by holding on to who are or have been.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and with the feel-good hormones still popping – I know I’m going to do more of these.

I love helping people, especially the young ones who are still curious and teachable. If a word I speak or write, can send someone on a better path than they would have found, then yes! I will speak and write those words 🙂

Here’s to falling more in love with the work and doing it until the impact is undeniable 🍻