The Geeks on a Plane Stop at MEST on their Africa-wide tour

Published on the MEST Africa Blog.

On Saturday, 25 March 2017, Dave McClure, Monique Woodard (Partners at 500 Startups) and other Geeks on a Plane made a stop at MEST as part of their first ever tour of sub-Saharan Africa. They stopped at MEST in Ghana, right after exploring the vibrant tech ecosystem in Lagos, Nigeria.

Geeks on a Plane is a global tech tour – organized by 500 Startups – for startups, investors, and top executives. Members of the tour visit the most exciting international startup scenes with the goal of forming relationships with the geeks and discovering international investment and collaborative opportunities.

The group of over 25 stopped at our Incubator and HQ Campus where they met with six (6) of our portfolio companies – DevlessLoystarTroTro TractorMeqasaAsoriba and Kudobuzz; and then talked to our Entrepreneurs-in-Training.

Dave McClure shared his journey and life lessons in a presentation. Some of his most memorable quotes from his presentation:

  • Focus on online platforms and beat the hell out of the big companies
  • Take risks when you don’t have much to loose
  • People think it’s a walk in the park for investors but they have a lot of failures along the way too
  • Figure out your unit economics, have a functional prototype, acquire customers
  • The internet is a place where you can fail everyday and and still keep making a first impression
  • Take risks, don’t be afraid to fail. You’ll learn a lot by failing than by succeeding. Surround yourself with people who let you know this is okay.
  • You can go global, but focus on the people around you. There’s a market around you, don’t ignore that.

We also had 3 EIT teams from the current MEST Class of 2017 pitch their projects to the Geeks.

After the Geeks completed their tour – visiting Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and other countries across Africa and Asia, they were so kind as to say some of the best pitches they listened to were from MEST!



We look forward to more of these!