Redirection of Praise

All praises to God for His amazing kindness and grace in my life.

The last fortnight has been intensely productive. I and my cofounder launched our startup, Skrife to good reviews, numerous press interviews and an onslaught of inbounds. We also hired our first full-time employee (we’ve only had interns before now) and settled into an efficient remote-working schedule. At my day job, MEST, we wrapped up our quarterly Guest Lectures weekend and held our annual event, MEST Africa Summit, in Nigeria for the first time. We also launched a Christmas crowdfunding campaign, in partnership with SAP Exchange Media, to #EmpowerTech in Africa.

With these back-to-back activities, I have answered more questions than I can remember in the last two weeks and spent most of my waking hours putting out fires including a recurring panic attack that reminds me that I am not this accomplished woman everyone thinks I am.

These sequential events which look like deliberate career moves have led to a lot of congratulatory wishes, back-patting, and requests for advice – I end this week by being on a panel tomorrow at the African Women in Tech event in Accra, talking about “What it takes to start a tech company with no prior tech background.” I’m honored to be on this panel, but I’m also wary about this pedestal I’m beginning to sense people put me on.

And that’s why I’m writing this post, I need to officially redirect all incoming praise.

I want to let you all know that I am not the captain of this ship and that I do not know what I am doing.

I am not the result of a grand plan that has been methodically crafted and is now being set in motion. I am not this savvy businesswoman who has planned her life to unfold in such a precise manner.

I am simply a fortunate creation of God who is guided by His mighty kind hand, and who is stumbling through the life He predestined for me in the best way that I can – by leaning on Him.

From today – after reading this post – I want everyone who’s interested in my journey to rephrase their questions to ask:

How do you let God lead you through this maze that is life?

This is a question I can attempt to answer, and I’m eager to, to whoever is struggling with letting God lead their lives and career.

I am not a business and career visionary. I am simply a child of God who is walking by faith. Thank You, Lord, for an awesome week. All thanks go to You!

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