Business Objective:

Automate operations, upgrade customer experience and boost business results with Intelligent Automation.

Business Needs

Headquartered on Wall Street in New York, with teams throughout North America, Europe and Asia, WorkFusion is a leading automation company that consistently innovates and brings new methods to the market.

Being in a difficult-to-understand industry to most people, WorkFusion embarked on a content marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and showcase new products within their systems.

Solution Delivered

After our first conversation, and getting a sense for their brand voice and goals, our team grew a team of freelance writers and editors to ideate and create engaging content that was accurate, simple for nontechnical people to understand and also relevant to the audience WorkFusion already serves.

With 70+ freelance writers and editors hired through Upwork, we built smaller teams to focus on specific aspects of WorkFusion’s offerings. We also partnered with business and technology blogs and publications to distribute these deliberately crafted content to benefit all stakeholders at WorkFusion.

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