Multi-tasking Saved My Dreams

I am the kind of girl who gets a million good ideas in a day! My brain never sleeps, and I’m always thinking of new concepts and business ideas as I go about my daily business.

As there are only ever 24 hours in a day though, I’ve never had enough time to work on these new ideas as they come. I tow them away in a notepad somewhere and focus on my day job, only to get back to them when they’re cold, tasteless and not so interesting to me anymore.

Time’s been stealing my dreams!

Recently though, it’s like a switch has gone off in my head, and I realize that I can be all I want to be and do all I want to do – NOW. I have become aware of my mortality, and I can’t afford to put things off or wait for the perfect time or perfect version of anything anymore.

I don’t know what’s happened to me but I am now okay with version one of me and of everything I do. When I have a new idea, I go ahead and create it, bring it to life, and share with the world whether it’s perfect or not.

Almost perfect is good enough.

Instead of waiting till the weekend, or hours after dark when I’m too tired to think, I do a little here and there throughout the day, and I’m finding that I’m better at juggling than compartmentalizing.

Productivity experts insist that multi-tasking is counterproductive, but hey, if it keeps me upbeat and passionate about my projects, what’s the harm in it?

I’m getting more done, seeing more results, and feeling lighter.

Don’t keep your dreams on hold. Start now and believe in the miracle of little steps.