COURSE objectives

As you may know, I am obsessed with teaching young adults all I’ve learned about freelancing in the last four years.

I believe freelancing is a credible career choice and is fast becoming the new normal. Anyone with access to the internet can get started by using basic digital tools which are mostly FREE and skills or interests they already have.

The days of relying on the government or business owners for stable, long-term employment are gone. Technology and innovation, while bringing much good, are shaking up the traditional workplace. Now with access to the internet, you too can brand yourself, do smart work, and create a freelance business that grows beyond you and your immediate financial needs.

And this is what I hope to teach you. In the last 4+ years, I have earned steady income as a freelancer, sometimes holding down a full-time job simultaneously, and other times (like now), traveling, freelancing and coaching full-time.

I am eager to teach all who are interested in learning to fend for themselves how they can make this life/career path work for them too. So be quick and join in!

If you are the kind of person who likes to manage your schedule and has skills to monetize, this course is for you. If you are a professional looking to change careers or diversify your income, this course is for you. If you are a recent graduate clueless about building work experience with no prior work experience, this course is also for you. 

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The kick-off


This section teaches you to stack up for the rainy days, ignore conventional living, decide on a specific niche for a fixed timeline and create a lifestyle or schedule that makes room for your first client – YOU.

This section teaches you to own your new vision with confidence and authenticity, articulate your value proposition, craft an engaging elevator pitch and synchronize your social bios and profiles.

This section teaches you to let go of the old you, build and display your improved online portfolio in unique ways, position yourself as a premium value and join the right communities for your niche.

This section teaches you to create a structure or routine that sets you up for success, manage yourself and time judiciously, differentiate between high and low value activities and push yourself harder than you currently do. It will also teach you to be receive feedback and be dependable which is a key trait of successful freelancera.

In this section, I share short video interviews and Q & A sessions with recognized freelancers from countries across Africa. You’ll learn about the turning points, how they began, and the tipping point where jobs started coming to them, rather than them going after jobs.

This section teaches you to compete with other freelancers globally. Here, you learn to send proposals that get responses, filter jobs on your feed to get only the best, write killer cover letters, and maintain a good attitude always, even when dealing with difficult clients.

This section teaches that digital skills are not an option. Without knowledge of how to use certain apps, your chances of getting good freelance jobs are slim. Companies expect you to be good with them and they also help you organize and collaborate on your projects.

This section teaches you to understand your market, identify your ideal client and price your services accordingly. It also teaches various methods of collecting payments from clients and paying taxes according to your country’s regulations.

This section teaches you to thrive and build from a one-[wo]man freelancer to a digital agency or full-fledged business.

In this section, I share resources to help you stay the course and answer specific questions from all course participants.

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