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Few Articles Published in 2020

Project Management and Remote Collaboration

  1. Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in the Workplace
  2. What is Technical Debt?
  3. Communication Management Skills You Need To Know
  4. Public Accountability: The Secret Ingredient to Productive Remote Work
  5. Foolproof Ways To Improve Your Team Performance
  6. How to Make Cross-Functional Collaboration Work in Your Company
  7. The Most Essential Elements of the Perfect Project Plan
  8. 4 Steps to More Effective Project Management 
  9. How to Take Care of Your Mental Health When Working From Home
  10. How to Manage Your Marketing Collateral
  11. How to Keep Team Morale High During Difficult Times
  12. How to Write the Best Project Proposal Outline 
  13. Important IT Project Management Trends

Fintech and Payments

  1. Increase Marketplace Potential with Banking-as-a-Service
  2. How to Scale Marketplace Operations with Quick Payments
  3. How to Attract The Best Teaching Talent with Flexible Payments
  4. Transforming eLearning Companies’ Payment Systems
  5. How To Propel The Gig Economy With Faster Payments
  6. The Need for Push Payments in a Post-Covid-19 World
  7. Virtual Cards: Pivoting Your Business In A Crisis

Character and Creativity 

  1. Now More Than Ever, We Need Personal Values
  2. Use Intuition to Your Advantage
  3. Finding community in new places
  4. Rest: An act of kindness to yourself
  5. How to Stay Flexible in Times of Change
  6. Enjoy Being Creative Again (Regardless of the World Around You) 
  7. Creating Room for Yourself (an Introvert…) at Work
  8. Creating calm with distance and delay

Covid-19 Resources

  1. How to Keep Your Startup Alive During COVID-19
  2. How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter 
  3. Twelve Most Important Etiquette Tips for Video Conferencing 

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