Are African Business Leaders Doing Enough To Prepare Employees For Future Work?

Published on TechNova, iAfrikan, Business2Community.  While population growth determines the socio-economic prospects of a country, the age structure of the nation is just as crucial. By 2025, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) will be home to almost a quarter of the global population aged 24 and below. And by 2035, SSA’s population will become the youngest in […]

Want to get into Africa tech?

A summary of my notes from the recent Women Techmakers Leads and Google Developers Groups (GDG) Summit held in Lagos, Nigeria. I woke up on Monday morning to an invite to the Summit from my friend, Aniedi Udo-Ubong, Developer Ecosystem Manager at Google (Sub-Saharan Africa). It was to a two-day gathering of Women Techmakers Leads and […]

Video + List: Equity-free Funding For Your Business Idea

In this video, I share info on how to get equity-free seed funding for your business idea or startup. I also share a list of accelerators around the world to help you get started on your journey. < p style=”text-align: left;”>List of Equity-free Accelerators Around The World Ready to take a bold step into […]

Working With Girlfriends: Beavly

Originally published on True Africa. ‘There’s definitely no pampering’ – how women in tech drive each other to achieve more Beavly is an online platform that connects people who want to learn skills with professionals who want to teach these skills. Run by Ijeoma Oguegbu and Barbara Okoto, it is one of two African startups accepted […]

Working With Girlfriends: Tress App

Originally published on True Africa. Tress is a hair inspiration app targeted at black women. It was created by Priscilla Hazel, Esther Olatunde and Cassandra Sarfo in Accra where they came together due to their shared love for dreaming, learning, building, traveling and innovating. This June Tress, which was founded at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), was accepted to the Y-Combinator fellowship, […]

Disregard These For Success

Originally published on Bella Naija on July 1, 2016.   Ever wondered why we eat with forks and knives? Why forks go with the left hand, and knives with the right? Ever wondered who makes these random rules, why everyone lives by them, and why you almost-always predictably follow them?   Doing things different, just to […]

Social Capital’s Way Better Than Money

Originally published on Bella Naija. I recently read a story on James Altucher’s blog where he shared how a friend of his made $2million in one morning, without any physical effort on his part. See a short excerpt from their dialogue below: Dave: “Oh! I forgot to tell you. I accidentally made 2 million dollars […]

Crash Course: How To Get A Job Without Connections

Originally published on Bella Naija on March 30, 2016.   Things are hard in Nigeria, no doubt about that. Our industries and government work suboptimally, and we’re used to it. New and old graduates face the anxiety of trying to fend for themselves with limited options. An advantage of living in a country like ours, however, […]

How To Get Experience When You’ve Never Had a Job

Originally published on Bella Naija. The most common question I’ve heard graduates ask is “How can I get experience when I’ve never had a job?” or “How can I use my skills when no one will hire me?” It’s easy and quite normal to get frustrated when job searching seems endless and it feels like […]