Step up

One thing I’ve learnt from recent experiences is that when you step up and start to contribute relevant quota, most people will welcome you, acknowledge you, listen to you and even thank you. If the people in your life treat you like a kid, maybe it’s because you act like one. Think about this.

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Judging the #eskills4girls competition

On Tuesday, March 28, I was invited to be one of the judges at the #eskills4girls Competition at Impact Hub, Accra. Excited to be one of the judges at the #eskills4girls pitch competition at @ImpactHubAccra – Challenging the gender digital divide — 🌻 (@kelechiudoagwu) March 28, 2017   The #eSkills4Girls Competition was designed for ventures,…

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Every week, I turn over a new leaf

Every week, I turn over a new leaf. I make new resolutions, write down new-old ideas, make plans, and set out hopefully. Every week, I convince myself that even though I tried and failed the week before, maybe I’ll achieve this time, maybe I’ll persevere, maybe the Holy Spirit will fill in the gaps for…

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Redirection of Praise

The last fortnight has been intensely productive. I and my cofounder launched our startup, Skrife to good reviews, numerous press interviews and an onslaught of inbounds. We also hired our first full-time employee (we’ve only had interns before now), and settled into an efficient remote-working schedule. At my day job, MEST, we wrapped up our quarterly Guest…

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On Goals and Social Media

My research on successful professionals underscores that this experience is common: As you become more valuable to the marketplace, good things will find you. To be clear, I’m not arguing that new opportunities and connections are unimportant. I’m instead arguing that you don’t need social media’s help to attract them. Excerpt from: Quit Social Media. Your…

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If you lack faith in yourself or have a lesser opinion of yourself than others do, you’ll eventually talk them into agreeing with you. Stop focusing on all that’s wrong with you, and walk purposefully towards the future you deep down desire for yourself. 

Kelechi Udoagwu

For Christian Professionals

Hi there! I just created “For Christian Professionals.” More than anything else in life, I love the Lord. I have made it my recent life goal to actively learn as much as I can about Him by reading the Word everyday, talk to people (I wouldn’t normally talk to) about Him, and live as kindly, honestly,…

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Do you know you?

We distract ourselves so much that we never have to spend time with our thoughts. There’s social media, tv series, youtube videos, music and earphones, friends, jobs, events, etc. I bet there’s more than half of the world’s population who have never in recent years, had a moment of true silence – just them and…

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Evil (ignorance) is like a shadow –it has no real substance of its own, it is simply a lack of light. 

You cannot cause a shadow to disappear by trying to fight it, stamp on it, by railing against it, or any other form of emotional or physical resistance. In order to cause a shadow to disappear, you must shine light on it. 



To become who we want to be, time spent day-dreaming is actually useful, and time spent imagining negative outcomes should be minimized to zero. Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought. What we continually think about will eventually manifest in…

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There’s going to be ups and downs in every relationship. You have to be willing to go up and down with the one you choose, the one you love.  These days people keep switching relationships like they’re not going to get tired of the new person eventually. 

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Why I Created This Site

In pursuit of a successful future and a googleable name, most of us lose joy in the present. Adulthood seems to be a long list of goals and to-dos, that most of us sacrifice the present which is all we may ever have for a future we might not live to see. “I’ll be happier when I lose weight and…

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