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Welcome to my online home.

I’m Kelechi Udoagwu, an Accra-based Nigerian tech entrepreneur/consultant, presenter, advocate, student and writer.

I recently moved on from a full-time role as Communications Director at MEST Africa1. I’m a Cofounder of Skrife2 and I produce and host the web series – Tech Roundup with Bitnode3.

Most of my work revolves around empowering others through mentorship, edutainment, speaking engagements, multimedia content and connecting to new opportunities.

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  1. MEST
  2. Skrife
  3. The Tech Roundup with Bitnode

A short recap of my career so far (update soon)

I was born and raised in Nigeria. While in university, I featured in ads for MTN, Samsung, Fidelity Bank and others, and had a brief stint as an actress on Dstv’s Tinsel.

After uni, I started working as fashion brand manager, few months before I decided to go back to school – in Ghana.

I got a full scholarship to MEST to study Software Development, Business and Communications. While at MEST, I made money as a freelancer on Upwork and started contributing to online magazines like True AfricaBella Naija, Business2Community, Tech Web Space and others. I also collaborated with Pulse Ghana on my first tech web series called Techies.

In 2015, my startup, Skrife (then called Content on Demand), was accepted into The S Factory, a pre-accelerator in Chile. We moved to South America, began work on Skrife, and received $15,000 equity free funding.

After about 5 months, I returned to Ghana to take up the role of Communications Director at MEST while building Skrife.

In 2017, I moved on from MEST and started working on a new web series Tech Roundup with Bitnode.

I speak at tech events and consult for brands looking to leverage technology in their business communications, sales and operations. I’m also an Udacity scholarship recipient studying Front-end web development.

Watch this space xx

(update coming soon)

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