SendPilot Really Is Perfect For Content Marketers

I’m someone who’s very interested in intelligent automation and I’ve worked in the technology space for 4+ years. It amazes me how much change and innovation has occurred in that short time.

From 2014, when the only apps I used on my phone daily were BBM, Email, Browser and YouVersion until now, when I literally organize and transact my entire life&career on my phone – transportation, communication, branding, scheduling, payments, photography, my actual work (writing) – a lot has changed.

There are more intuitive tools available to us now, and if used wisely, can make us more productive and things way easier.

So when people complain about how much time we spend on our phones, I see no way out of it. It’s more than just a phone now, it’s everything.

It’s a different thing if we spend the entire time on social media. Please note: there is a marked difference between spending time on your smartphone and spending time on social media.

I’m most often working, not playing when you see me scrolling away.

I was working. He was playing. Seriously 😐

Anyways, now to the real reason I write this piece. As a freelancer/consultant (for now, I’m ever-evolving), I handle a range of jobs for clients with my own ad-hoc team of peer freelancers. From branding strategy to full range digital marketing, content writing and distribution, PR, trainings, etc.

I have created processes for how I handle most tasks – assign jobs to peer writers, edit received pieces, write original articles, brainstorm on social campaigns – but they still take time. So as someone who’s obsessed with automating the mundane activities of life, I went searching for a solution to distributing the volume of content I create each day, week and for different clients.

A quick Google search led me to and it was a case of not knowing what I needed until I saw it.

SendPilot helps you create engaging social media campaigns for multiple accounts by analyzing your written content – blog post, press releases, case studies, interviews – and then scheduling it all through Buffer.

It works very simply. Connect your Buffer (for scheduling) to your SendPilot (for analyzing), paste your blog URL (where you publish your content, whether business or personal accounts), and SendPilot handles the rest.

It’s way cheaper than hiring an assistant or outsourcing the work which gives you higher earnings too.

I have just activated my account and I’m really psyched about this product. If you work in this space, it’s worth checking out too and let me know what you think.