How To Free Up Space On Your Android Phone

Do you badly need more space on your Android phone? We’ve got you covered.

Learn about these 4 tips to help you free up a lot more space/memory on your phone.

Show Notes:

If you want to create space on your phone, these are four simple ways you can follow:

Clear data and cache

To do this, go to Settings on your phone, then Storage. Here you see a breakdown of all the apps on your phone and how much space you’re using. In some models of Android phones you see a button at the top, saying Free More Space or at the bottom you see Clear Cache Data. Click on it and clear all data. After you do this, start to click on the individual apps and clear their data and cache too.

Clear Whatsapp media

Go to your File Explorer, then Storage, then Whatsapp. In Whatsapp you’ll see databases. In your database, you will see a lot of folders with the name msgstore.db, these are folders of messages you have sent to people. You don’t need it but it takes a lot of space. Click delete and rest assured it will have no effect on your WhatsApp app.

Move all data to External Storage

There are 3 ways of doing this. The most popular is moving everything onto an SD card. Most, if not all of us, know how to do this. The next is connecting your phone to your laptop using a USB cord and transferring all your files to the laptop. Make sure all the transferred files when you’re done! Last option is moving your files to a cloud based service like Dropbox, Google Drive and others.

All Android phones comes with free Google services anyway, so you can easily move all your files to Google Drive or Photos. Once you’ve shared with Google Drive or Photos, make sure to delete them from your phone.

Restore Factory Settings

To do this, make sure you, first of all, move your data and files to another device. By restoring to factory settings, your phone goes back to how it was — empty — when you bought it.

Bonus tip

If you want to delete an app from your phone, make sure to go to Settings , then Storage to uninstall the app completely. Simply deleting the icon from your home screen doesn’t mean you’ve uninstalled it or it isn’t till running in the background.

Lots more details in the video above!