Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies 101

New episode out! “Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies 101”

Ever wonder what the bitcoin craze is about? Want to know whether to invest or how to get some coins? This video is for you.

We promise even YOU will understand this … finally.

Have any more questions? We’ll post a sequel on our YouTube channel tomorrow!

Show Notes:

Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital money thus, its money you can’t see but can use it to buy stuff. examples are Ethereum , lite coin, Ripple coin and and most popular Bitcoin. The most popular is Bitcoin.
Bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. How bitcoin works is that it runs on a network of peers of computers scattered around the world and this network is called the block chain. All you have to do is to ensure that the digital currency you’re buying online isn’t a fake currency. Bitcoin is not regulated by the bank or government, which means you can make transactions without them interfering. The Kenyan government has set up a block chain task force to regulate bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency . A quarter of bitcoin is worth the same as it is.
if you’re in Africa or African and you want to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrency then visit www. In 2009, Bitcoin could be bought at a quarter of a dollar , but in December 2017, Bitcoin shot as high as 19,786.



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