12 Things You Can Do With VLC Media Player

Here are 12 Things You Can Do With VLC Media Player Beside Playing Music And Videos

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There are so many things you could use VLC media that you didn’t know ;

1. Converting or Save using VLC :
a. Click on Media
b. Go to Convert or Save
c. in convert or save, add a file from your computer
d. Select your preferred format and save

2. Play or Download video using VLC
a. copy the link of your preferred video
b. Paste it in the VLC media player

3. Recording a music or video using VLC
a. click on the record button in vlc
b. while watching the music video or any other video its been recorded in vlc.

4. Recording your Desktop.
a. open VLC and click on view, then advance controls
b. press( ctrl + c) or go to media , open capture device
c. in the new window set capture device to desktop and the desired frame rate to 10 frames per second (fps) or even higher 10-12 fps will be fine for screen cast.
d. click on play button and VLC will start showing your desktop. make sure VLC isn’t maximized or else it’ll keep showing endless streaming of VLC inside VLC windows.
e. click on record button to start recording . you should preferably minimize the VLC windows so it doesn’t show in your screen cast.
f. do your recording , then maximize your VLC and click on recording to stop the recording.

5. Snapshot using VLC
a. make sure the video you want to take the snap shot from is playing.
b. pause the video at the scene you want to save ass a picture
c. press ( shift + S ) if your’e using windows,
( Command + ALT+ S) in Mac OS X and CTRL + ALT+ S in Linus.

6. Adjusting VLC speed:
a. if you’re using VLC on windows,
-launch the VLC media player, open the video file from the tab or just double click the file.
– go to playback and navigate the speed . There are four options there:
faster, faster(fine), slower and slower( fine) . choose according to your desire.
play the video by hitting space bar or click on the play button.
b. If you’re using VLC on Mac:
– Launch the video using the VLC media player or open from the media using option ” open file”
– Navigate to playback and choose from option speed.
-You will see two variation of speeds slower and faster.
– Use the one you like and play the video.