Random Pet Peeve… Urgh!

One of my pet peeves is when people who have never been through addiction, are not addiction counselors, don’t have a close family or friend who’s been through it, write about addiction.

It’s almost always a stupid listicle about the dangers or how to stop and avoid it. And it’s usually evident that the person has no native knowledge of what they’re writing about.

Drug addiction is a deep, dark well. No one who’s an addict is happy about it. It sneaks up on you, alters your personality, changes the course of your life, and is DIFFICULT to shake off – both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Let’s be kinder to addicts. Listen to their pain, struggles and triumphs. Because the truth is we’re all addicted or have been addicted to something – coffee, gossip, social media, cheap validation – anything you need everyday to function, feel normal, or enjoy the day is an addiction.

Drug addicts are just unfortunate. They’ve made a couple of bad decisions and are addicted to the worst things – Drugs.

We are all addicted to something

— story in pictures (@storyinpicture) October 25, 2017

Feature Photo Credit: 500px