Privacy (and the lack of it) on the interwebs and smartphones

In this video, we talk about privacy and the lack of it on the internet and smartphones.

Think your pictures, emails, etc are safe?? Check again.

 Show Notes:

Q, why do you guys Tech co founders need all these questions?

A. first of all , we need these permissions to make the app work very nice for you. because if you watch how users are involved with apps, they want everything to be seamless nigh , for instance if i’m sharing my pictures i want to tap only one button and share it tatata…. what you’re forgetting is i need those permission to do that for you. and secondly it comes with the moral etiquette , user data that i can make money from.

Q Is there anyway you can have some simpliance of control ?

A. for me i strongly believe that there’s no such thing as privacy, but if you do want to have some simpliance of control there are some third party apps like App Permission Watcher on andriod , you give one app permission to view all other permission. The advantage here is that you can use it to regulate all other permission and find out that there some apps which took permission you know not of. I think IOS also gives you the permission to do that, just go to your settings you will find it there.