Fashion meets tech

Meet Chloe Assam, a 25 year old Ghanaian designer. She merges fashion with technology by printing customized barcodes on her outfits which you can scan to get straight to her shop on Instagram!

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show Notes:

Q. why isn’t everyone doing it? Is it something you can live off on?

A. I would say yes and No, I would like to see myself as an artistic person, i didn’t do this for the money, i did this so i could transport myself five years , ten years or twenty years later, Chloe Assam started something that is trending now. If i make money then fine, if i make money now fine,it doesn’t really matter , its just projecting myself into the future and being relevant.
Q. what is your biggest challenge?

A. Getting people to understand what’s going on in my brain. When i was starting with this, many people said Ghana is not ready for this, then it means we’re really far behind , Its like we’re on another planet. I said to myself well i have to do this, with my mother encouraging me to do it even if i’m scared.

Q. so you make them locally?

A. yes

Q. so we talk about the fabric, i’m wearing black and white, you’re also wearing black and white, am sure everyone is thinking is it all black and white?

A. No ,it’s not all black and white. its pink, grey, black and white. For my collection i had to stay in this line, i was still in school.
black and white is traditional, it goes with everything and add a bit of peach to it.

Q. How did you come up with the idea to merge fashion and technology in this way?

A . I would say it was a light bulb moment , it just hit me one day i was on my bed and i realized i could actually use it but a lot of artist confirm this like being able to stand out as a trend.

Q. Would you consider yourself very techy to create this or can an average Joe figure out how to do this?

A. I think an average can figure how to do this, once you’re good with your computer.

Q Where do you see this going in the next five years?

A. I would say people would be more aware of Tech, People would be more innovative and more receptive of this and ten years down the line its a different Africa ,and no one is telling me this is new. This is like 50 years old , Barcodes are used in manufacturing and marketing and finding a way to use technology in fashion , i think should be here.