Have you noticed how nothing ever really ends anymore?

This thought came to me as I was listening to an interview with Adam Alter, the author of a chilling new book about how today’s technologies are increasingly irresistible. Alter described how our favourite apps – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to name but three – have feeds that go on forever, and why this one design feature makes it almost impossible to not to get lost in them. They’re literally endless.

When you think about it, more and more aspects of our lives are characterized by these infinite loops.

We used to leave work at the office. Now the workday is never over thanks to our ever-present smartphones. When we do manage to put them down, we might relax with Netflix. Alas, as soon as you’ve watched a show, there is another helpfully cued up – one that you actually have to stop from starting. Of course, there are entire other seasons and series to consume. Netflix has us hooked, and the drug dealer lives in your house while the supply is immediate and endless.

Read the full article here.


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