Internet Speeds And Privacy

In this video, I talk about internet speeds and privacy issues in different countries in Africa.


Video Notes:

Broadband internet speed is growing in Africa , more and more people are using the internet for various purposes like streaming video contents, work,school, accessing information and many others. Research focused on fixed broadband test tends to put most African countries at a disadvantage end. Although, Africa is lagging when compared to the world, there are some African countries striving hard to close that gap.
If you’re a Techpreneur thinking of how to scale across the continent and see which market is with the fastest pretty fast you’ll consider the following African countries:
1. Kenya : The East African country is in the highest ranked African country with the fastest broadband internet speed. it places 51st globally with an average speed of 10.71 Mbps. it would take nearly 2 hours for a user to download an high definition movie.
2. South Africa : South Africa is the home of most fledgling tech hubs and the limitations said by the founders of most of these tech hub start ups is the internet speed . It has been ranked as number 4 in Africa and 80 in the world with an average speed of 4.36 Mbps.
3. Nigeria : The West Africa country comes in as the number 7 for broadband speed ad 95th globally with an average speed of 3.15 Mbps.It will take a user 5 hours 25 minutes to download a high definition movie.
4. Ghana: with a download speed of 2.3 Mbps , it would take a user 8 hours 4 minutes to download a high definition movie. Ghana has been ranked the 10th in Africa and 110th globally. It is gradually adjusting to the global speed.
some few African countries are also listed as the worst with slower internet speed with an average speed of 0.41 for Gabon, Yemen with a i.3 Mbps ad many others. It would take a user in those countries over 18 hours to download a high definition movie.