Quiz: Find A Job You Love

Finding satisfying work is a difficult task – uncertainty isn’t only understandable, it can be a sign of intelligence, ambition, seriousness and strength.

It simply isn’t easy to know what to do.

In an ideal society we would be given extensive help to devote ourselves to years of thinking and experimentation around what work is right for us. Before we consider what specific jobs might suit us, there is much we should reflect upon – how our parents have shaped our desires, what frustrates us, what truly brings us joy, how our peer-group might be unduly influencing us…

Rather than suggesting particular jobs, therefore, this questionnaire focuses on the vital hinterland of beliefs and emotions which shape your thinking about work. It aims to bring to the fore of your mind a few key topics that are relevant to you and your situation.

We are trying to help you find out who you potentially are in the world of work: what aspects of character you bring, what you need from a job and what your true underlying ambitions really are.

Start the Quiz and let us know if you find it useful.