Eight Twenty-Eight Romance

8:28 Romance

Eight Twenty-Eight Romance says:
And we know that in all things

Not just in some things
Not only in the good things
Or only the bad things
Not only through the break ups, or the random fights
The lonely nights, or the unplanned plights
The exam failures, or the false allegations
The hurt and shame, the guilt and pain
Not only through the victories and the feelings of immortality
But through all things,
In all things
In everyday things
In the waking up and going to sleep
In the pressures of leadership and the days that feel like purpose left your home early
In the misunderstanding between old time friends
When life has no meaning and the days feel like they couldn’t possibly last any longer
When the workaholic in you declares you a sinner
And limited resources dictate impossible expectations
In all these things!

God works

That God:
He’s the self existing one
The overly confident one
Because He is rightly so
The one that controls time
And slows it down for warriors to fight
The one that knows the days
Men haven’t imagined will come
The inventor of technology yet to be tested
The commander of the angel armies,
He puts in the effort
He puts in the time
He is a god of perfection
So his work must shine
That God we are talking about
For the good of those who love him…
Not those He loves, but those who love Him.
Question Mark
When did he love us
A long time ago He did his part
before trees had life
And the boys could dance
Before we knew we were sinners
And philosophized what n’anya meant
Before the clouds and skies
And rainbows and sunshine
Before mysteries and myths
And the law of sin and death
He did his part
In loving us
Yet we question his love
In fancy words and tribal wars
“I have loved you,” says the LORD.
‘How have you loved us?’ asks his wards
“Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?” declares the LORD.
“Yet I have loved Jacob” a mystery for all
He laughs love
His initials are love
L — O — Him
His son is love
He doesn’t give love
He is love after all
He teaches love
And he proved His love for us in this:
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Who have been called according to his purpose…Notice the past tense?

A long time ago.
Whiles we were yet sinners
Before the total screw ups
And the smackdown with pride
Judges behind bars
Plunging into depths
Of self indulgence
And the diversity of pleasures
till we couldn’t separate
self-love from habits
Before we would try to save ourselves
From the Zenith of our sinful banks
He called us
Not according to our purpose
But His purpose.

And his purpose? Another kettle of fish…

Submitted by:
Ammishaddai Ofori, 
Tech Entrepreneur, Poet & MC

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  1. I like the twist in the title after I got to the first line of this poem.

    Even though I eventually enjoyed reading everything (because I was bored somewhere at the beginning of the second segment) I felt the first segment alone could have been a complete poem—because of my love for wordplay due to the content the first segment and they word “romance” in the first line.

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