Public Speaking Tips From My Experience at TEDx Accra

Hello everyone! This is coming late but I still am pretty stoked about it.

My presentation on the TEDx stage went great. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be. Maybe because by the time I got on stage, most of the attendees were leaving because the event started late.

It was a good practice experience for me however.

Here are a few things I learnt from my pitch preparation for the event:

– Practice makes everything better. It’s hard to flunk a speech or pitch you practised for. So practice, practice, practice.

– Create an outline of your speech or pitch so even if you forget your words, you know what to move on to.

– Move around the stage. It helps with nervousness. Be careful not to pace though, walk with purpose.

– Have a friend sit front and center, so when you look in the crowd, you can see or imagine (stage lights are bright!) a friend listening, not critics, strangers or bored faces.


These sound easy, right? I hope they help anyone preparing for a public speaking appearance.


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