To run a profitable business or startup, you need steady electricity, something most African countries lack. You need the internet if you work with technology… or are in 2015 with the rest of us.

You need a good transportation system, investors, a healthy financial system. You need a support system… people who don’t think you’re crazy for dreaming. Most importantly you need a market that’s flexible and open to new innovations.

African businesses have it tough!

Basic amenities like electricity and the internet are the biggest financial drain on capital. Building a million-dollar business in Africa is equivalent to a hundred-million-dollar business in the States. In Jay’s words in Empire State of Mind, ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.’

Here are five of Africa’s business outliers, compared with similar businesses in the States. Let’s imagine for a minute just how huge and global they could be if they weren’t in Africa.

Full article here. Written by yours truly on True Africa.


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