Most of us approach a new year with shaky decisions or just plain hope to become better human beings. In all my years, I never met anyone who wasn’t wishing for some sort of progress in their lives, regardless of how perfect it all seemed. But New Year resolutions are a touchy subject for some, though, after years of giving up easily and too quickly.

But, hey, that’s the point. Resolutions are still cool and having one never hurts. Regardless of whether we keep at it or not, there’s no harm in trying. Having goals are forever in style and wanting the best for yourself will never go out of fashion. If you’re the type who needs the start of a new year to commit to being a better person, embrace it! Don’t let the party poopers knock you down. A New Year is indeed a new chance at life.

Whatever your New Year resolution, I’ve got you! Here’s a list of web and mobile apps that can set you on the right course. And as an added bonus, they are all indigenous and proudly African!

Read the full article here. Written by yours truly on True Africa on 4 January 2016.


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