3 Good Things We Can Look Forward To As AI Progresses

We truly can appreciate it, not fear it

Technology and its progressions have been in the news a lot lately for big, scary and negative reasons – Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal being the biggest of all.

With new GDPR laws taking effect today (May 25, 2018) – even blissfully ignorant tech users are beginning to ask questions. (Here’s why you have been receiving privacy policy update emails from all your favourite digital platforms and companies).

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

With new discoveries and experiences, there is always a learning curve and resistance. And with the massive impact technology makes in industries and lives all over the world, we should expect, not fear, the troubles sure to come with it.

The tea is technology makes our lives easier, and it will continue to.

In the fight between change and convenience – convenience will win out every time, and that’s really lucky for technology companies.

Unless a company is deliberately careless with customers’ data, we generally trust them.

Are you one of those who have been disillusioned by technology news lately?

Here’s 3 good things we can still expect from tech and artificial intelligence as we progress

  1. AI will free up more of our time by improving business processes and overall standard of living.
    For example, WorkFusion with its Robotic Process Automation and Smart Automation Processes helps businesses of varying sizes automate most the repetitive and mundane aspects of their lives and jobs to make room for more fulfilling activities and time spent away from work.
  2. AI can manage our lives – schedule appointments, monitor home security, send reminders, the little tasks that make up the core of our lives but are quite monotonous. Currently, many homes are already equipped with some version of Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home Assistant, or Apple’s HomePod. These devices play their music, help with shopping lists and announce the weather. We are going to get more of these.
  3. AI using blockchain can even protect our data! Yes, we lose privacy as we give up more of ourselves for convenience but soon blockchain tech coupled with the power of AI could be the perfect way to protect our privacy. Data will no longer belong to the companies who serve us but be decentralized and owned by us. No one sells or buys without our consent.



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